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The idea of Archipelago I arose at the end of the year 2021, in a ~diez brainstorm. It ends up materializing (unexpectedly) in the middle of January 2022 with the acquisition of the domain, thanks to the favor of a great person.

The first thing published in the domain was on January 19, 2022. It had written (in spanish):

"Welcome to this space.

Here individuals or collectives are their own islands, and together we form this digital archipelago.

There are active volcanoes, slowly forming territories. When they are finished, you can sail from island to island, exploring the particularity of each one."


The concept of the archipelago arose mainly under the influence of the Caribbean. The island lifestyle highlights a particular isolation typical of archipelagos. To equate islands with people is an intuitive thought when one looks closely at the particularities and contexts of those who live there. 'We are an island' is perhaps a common expression in those parts, for better or worse.


Techinal Design

The layout of the home pages is designed for low-tech devices, with lightness and simplicity in mind.

Organizational Design

Why islands?

The organization of the content follows the idea behind the classification of islands and archipelagos.

"Depending on the geological origin, the islands that form archipelagos can be considered as oceanic islands or continental islands, and consequently, archipelagos can be oceanic or continental."

In our case we adopted a mixed organization, and therefore we identify ourselves with it.


Like anyone who navigates (the seas or lands), it's important to have a map.

It's also important to explore and find new islands. There may be unregistered ones too. ;)


The mangrove is the official emblem of Archipelago I.


Archipiélago I keeps a historic log of its changes.

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