Archipelago One. Illustration of a mangrove drawn with lines. Leaves above and roots below. The roots are forming the word Archipelago I

Where people are islands,
and together they form
this digital archipelago.

"An archipelago is that cluster, generally numerous, of islands grouped in a more or less extensive surface of the sea. These islands are close to each other and can have their origin in different ways, therefore there are various types."

Archipiélago I is a digital community primarily for individuals and groups of Middle America.

It's greatly influenced by the principles of Interculturalism, Intersectional Feminism, Self-determination, Media-activism and Cyber-activism. Also by Do-It-Yourself, the Tildeverse, Permacomputing and Low-tech.

We are open to add more islands to our archipelago.

We are very interested in cultural particularities and the bridges that can be built between their contexts. We want to incorporate people and groups interested in participating in these dynamics, even more in the topics mentioned above.

We are interested in making this archipelago a learning space for various topics. This also includes both computer-savvy people and those inexperienced in computing.

At the moment we offer three free services exclusively for the community:

If you're interested in becoming an island, you can start by reading about us.

If you're interested in exploring the archipelago, you can see our map.

If you're interested in seeing the latest changes in the archipelago, you can see our log.

If you're interested in contacting us, you can write to:

Si te interesa explorar el archipiélago en español puedes hacerlo aquí.

Thanks for the hosting, caracolito